INTRODUCTION-Natural remedies are also know as botanical medicine or herbalisrn, it is a medical system based on the use of plants extracts that may be applied on the body or can be consumed. Natural remedies are saving numerous people those are suffering from disease which are absolutely preventable As a matter of fact, the majority of ill health today is related to lifestyle options.

Natural remedies are cost effective and easy to administer- example the use of moringa oleifera seeds in treatment of backache, Moringa is freely offered by the nature so the only cost which will be incurred is fire which will be used in boiling and this makes the natural remedies cheap. Natural remedies have reduced risk of side effects- Most herbal medicine are well tolerated by the patient, with fewer unintended consequences than chemotherapy drugs Herbs typically have less side effects than the pharmaceutical drugs, and may be safer to use over time Natural remedies can also address multiple issues-They may use a natural supplement to help with blood pressure or cholesterol, but in addition they could also notice a beneficial increase in their energy levels They may also notice a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Most of the natural remedies can be used in specific ailments, but also have secondary and tertiary benefits. Many natural remedies can change a condition which usually occur at long duration of time in the human body. Natural remedies are easy to take and many herbs can be grown at home, so they are often convenient for minor conditions. Natural remedies are mostly used for persistent illness such as arthritis. Widespread availability-Herbs are available without a prescription an example the growing of aloe vera at home The most natural remedies present in many homes are in form of essential oils, trace elements, alkaloids and minerals Once absorbed they are assimilated only in the quantity needed by the human body.

Unlike other treatments, the natural remedies are not governed by any governmental agency. conclusion-By using the natural remedies that are safe and effective someone can truly get on the road to good health. Commence today with learning about lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations and exercises you can do to continue improve the health of you and your family. You can make a great change in the world by passing on the information you have learned about alternative treatments and natural remedies to you, friends and family.



Natural home remedies are artificial solutions to the unwanted happenings at home such as accidents, diseases and others. Examples of unwanted home happenings include: Burns Burns occur in case of an accident caused by ones body coming in contact with fire or hot liquids at home. Natural home remedies for such incidence may include placing cold milk in the container and lowering the burned body part into the milk. The contents of the milk, which is protein will facilitate the healing of the burnt tissues. Other natural home remedies on burns may include the use of long soaked ash, which is placed on the burn (in case the skin is not broken) and left there for quite some time The long soaked ash is very cold and therefore it provides a cooling effect on he further burning tissues hence relieving the victim from more pains. Other natural home remedies on burns include the use of fresh aloe juice which is poured on the burnt body part to prevent swelling and helps in healing and repair of burnt tissues.

influenza/flu This is a contagious disease that affects the breathing system. The best natural home remedies in this case is ginger and fresh lemon fruit. The fresh lemon fruit is washed thoroughly using a lot of clean water and the sliced into tiny pieces without peeling as the cover also contains important healing contents. The ginger is also washed and ground into the paste. One then needs to put clean water in a pot and allow it to boil. After the water has boiled, add the tiny lemon pieces and the ginger paste and allow the mixture to boil for sometime. The solution is then sieved into a clean glass and given to the patient to take while its still warm within the first few hours of infection contraction. The solution will heal the flu effects such as sore throats and running nose.

Soot on the steel utensils. Sometimes utensils in the kitchen (especially pans) may turn black because of soot. Some of the natural home remedies on this may include the use of sand and sisal fiber. One has to initially make the sand and the pan wet. They will then use the sisal fiber to fetch the sand and scrub it against the black parts of the pan which contains soot. The sand is rough enough to scrub and remove all the soot on the pan, leaving the pan shining. After all the soot has been removed, one then washed the pan with clean water.